A photo of Alex Tonetti at the Inifinite Kusama Exhibit in Washington, DC


Alex Tonetti is a Washington, DC-based amateur photographer and aspiring entrepreneur. He is originally from just outside of Rochester, NY where the beauty of the Finger Lakes region inspired him to pick up his first camera and he hasn't put it down since. For college, Alex was accepted into the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park. While at school he used photography as a creative release from the very left-brained world of engineering and computers. Alex soon graduated from UMD with a degree in Computer Engineering and began working at IBM as a Java Developer. With his computer in one hand and his camera in the other, Alex made his move into DC and the rest is simply history.


For Alex, photography has always been a way of capturing his surroundings and expressing whatever emotions he is feeling in the moment. Since moving to DC, the amazing architecture of the many monuments and memorials first stood out. Upon exploring a good portion of the city, he has found the minor details of the city most beautiful. The movement of traffic, people commuting to work, and even the grunginess of an alley.
A map of the world
What is Life but a Grand Adventure


Traveling has always been an extreme passion for Alex. Whether it's an adventure with friends or a cultural exchange program, Alex is willing to go just about anywhere as long as he can bring his camera. He has been fortunate enough to travel some with school and his job, but he won't be satisfied until he has stepped foot on each of our seven continents.
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